Introducing The Premier Solution in SB553 Compliance

Welcome to the forefront of workplace violence prevention training to comply with California’s legal mandate! Sentinel Resource Group (SRG) and Training Systems Design (TSD) have joined forces to deliver tiered workplace violence prevention program solutions to help you achieve your compliance obligations. Combining SRG's breadth of expertise in security risk assessment and threat investigations with TSD's cutting-edge training methodologies, our offerings are purpose-built to help our customers meet the compliance challenges of California’s SB553 workplace violence prevention program requirements.


How It Works

Our goal is to help you adeptly navigate the compliance and operational challenges associated with this new legal mandate. With three product tiers—silver, gold, and platinum—we offer a solution for every aspect of your company's workplace violence compliance needs. Whether you require a comprehensive workplace violence program build with fully customized training courses or a simple turnkey training course that seamlessly integrates into your Learning Management System (LMS), we have a package tailored to your unique requirements. The chart below illustrates how it works:

Stay compliant with SB 553

Protect your employees

Ensure the safety of your employees with our SB 553 compliant training, designed by experts in security and learning development.

Ensure SB 553 compliance

The new SB 553 law on workplace violence prevention increases the bar for compliance and the penalties for not being compliant.

Minimize brand and legal risks

Stay ahead of the game and comply with California's new workplace law by providing high-quality, easy-to-implement training for your team.

About Us

A partnership at the forefront of workplace safety training

Sentinel Resource Group (SRG)

SRG has been entrusted to advise some of the world’s most iconic companies, law firms, and people with their most critical and sensitive threat matters for nearly a decade. Their bench of subject matter experts are comprised of global corporate security executives, prosecutors, law enforcement and investigations leaders, personnel from the US intelligence agencies and cyber security researchers.

Training Systems Design (TSD)

TSD has created more than 1,000 training courses for predominantly Fortune 500 firms over the past 20+ years. It's custom learning solutions can provide training on any topic and in any learning modality, while it's staff augmentation business provides top notch Learning & Development professionals on a temporary basis. TSD has a strong focus on ensuring it's training is centered around the learning objectives, and that the course is rooted in sound learning science.

Choose the Best Package For Your Business

Whether you choose an easily configurable turnkey solution or a full-blown custom solution, ALL of our packages are SB 553 compliant.

Expertly designed by a highly recognized security advisory firm and a well-established training company

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